Everything we do is done with our commitment to doing the right thing.

At Total Distribution, Inc., our sustainability objective is to create industry-leading value with our products and services that our clients prefer, while at the same time conserving resources, protecting the environment, and improving social conditions in the communities we serve. Our sustainability efforts are just one element of our strategic approach to assessing and mitigating risks while advancing our environmental, social, and operational practices. Senior management, as well as other key individuals within TDI, handle risk oversight.

To identify our highest sustainability priorities, we began by evaluating the needs of the regions we operated in and identified where those needs intersected with TDI business strategies. Our sustainability strategy and reporting processes were developed with regular engagement with customers and peer companies, academics, industry associations, and non-regulatory organizations. Our strategy includes setting ambitious targets for reducing our carbon footprint, minimizing landfill waste, increasing community engagement, and developing exceptional services and solutions that enable our customers to meet their goals.

We believe that good governance practices contribute to better results for our clients. Our objective is to maintain corporate governance principles, policies, and practices that support management and the Board of Directors accountability. These are in the best interest of the Company and our clients, and they are consistent with the Company’s Purpose, Values, and Principles.