Purpose, Values & Principles

Taken together, our Purpose, Values, and Principles are the foundation for Total Distribution, Inc.’s unique culture. Throughout our history of over a century, our business has grown and changed while these elements have endured and will continue to be passed down, as we are not planning for the next year but the next century.

Our Purpose:
• Connecting communities with the resources of the world

Our Values:
• Treat People Respectfully – foster mutual long-term relationships
• Display Integrity and Honesty – be direct with empathetic tact
• Do Whatever It Takes – lead by example as no task is beneath an individual
• Commitment to Service Excellence – do the right thing the first time: think long-term

Our Principles:
• Leadership & Personal Responsibility
• Safety and Compliance
• Supplier & Customer Relations
• Environmental Sustainability
• Social Sustainability
• Quality Assurance