EHS Management

Environmental, Health & Safety Management
Total Distribution, Inc. is committed to having an exceptional program for managing environmental, health, and safety (EHS) risks. TDI’s commitment begins with its Chief Executive Officer, who regularly reviews the company‚Äôs environmental and safety performance. The TDI Safety Leadership Team sets the company’s EHS policy, implements EHS strategy, and reviews the EHS performance of the individual facilities.

Operational Ownership
Total Distribution, Inc. has learned that the way to deliver strong EHS performance is through site management ownership. Site management ownership means that TDI holds its site managers accountable for the safety and environmental integrity of the operations they supervise. The TDI Safety & Compliance Manager supports and guides the safety and compliance programs, but the company expects its site managers to take the lead for their facilities.

Total Distribution, Inc. ensures operational commitment through:

  1. Regular reviews of a manager’s EHS performance
  2. Comprehensive EHS audits conducted by internal and external auditors governed by management system guidelines
  3. EHS training for managers and operational teams
  4. Employee engagement surveys in which employees anonymously provide feedback on the performance of their facilities.

EHS Reviews
Total Distribution, Inc. tracks EHS metrics and reviews performance in four ways:

  1. Track energy, waste, and water data at the site level using Energy Star Portfolio Manager System.
    Operational Managers and Vice Presidents regularly conduct internal operational reviews of each of their facilities.
  2. At the corporate level, Peoples Services conducts periodic strategic reviews of EHS risks and strategies

Management Systems

60% of our Fremont, OH food grade facilities are American Institute of Baking (AIB) certified with the purpose to maintain a superior level of food safety and hygiene.

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